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Learn how to brand your small business online with Brand Magic Masterclass

Brand Magic Masterclass

Learn the secrets to developing a brand that clients fall in love with and just can't say no to in this complete course. 6 months access to the entire course to complete in your own time.

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Online branding program with brand mentoring with DebbieO

Brand Magic Mentoring

Gain access to the full Brand Magic Masterclass as well as 12 x 1 hour mentoring sessions. This program has been designed to give you the ultimate in support when building your brand.

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Find out your brand personality or brand archetype

Module 2 – How to find your brand personality

Are you a Hero, Seducer, Rebel or a Ruler? Find out how you can build your own brand with personality so that you have a connection with your clients, get them coming back and turn them into raving fans!

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The psychology of colour online program to help your brand strategy

The psychology of colour

What do colours secretly mean? How do they make you feel, and are you using the correct colour for your brand? In just 10min you will have an understanding of what colours symbolise and when you should use them.

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Learn about the psychology of shapes to develop your brand strategy

The psychology of shapes

What do different shapes mean and when should you use them? In just over 3 minutes you will have a much better understanding of what shapes symbolise and which ones you should be using in your branding.

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