5 Day Challenge

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Day 1

Let’s take a look at what we’re working with

moodboard pink colour

Day 2

The psychology of colour and shapes

psychology of colours

Day 3

Brand story telling and mood board creation

branding style guide

Day 4

What do you need in a style guide?

Day 5

Learn to write a design brief that will get you what you want!

new customers

Debbie and her team were AMAZING. They made the whole process of creating my brand fun and effortless. They went above and beyond with a real commitment to me loving my brand and my customers loving my brand as well. I will do it again with another business!!!

Georgina K
logo design WRD
branding pantone

We had been working on our branding and business direction for the better part of a year with no clear focus and needed professional advice. We got a quote from another company who were charging a large amount for not a whole lot of service. We asked our contacts and Debbie and the team came highly recommended from a colleague respected in our industry.She was born for this role and is exceptional as a branding and strategic advisor. All of her advice was bang on and what we needed and I would say excellent value and we are excited by the outcome to say the least. We have since engaged Debbie for further deliverables and are recommending her to all of our database.

Brendan E

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BRAND PERSONALITY: The Magician and The Innocent

Debbie is a brand strategist by profession and graphic designer by trade, author of a children’s book and active entrepreneur. She is the founder of multi award winning creative studio White River Design (WRD) and the highly acclaimed Brand Personalties system. She recently launched Brand Magic – a platform to educate creatives in brand archetypes and empower them to create better businesses. She is the branding expert on the Build My Brand 12 part series and the creator of online program Brand Magic® Masterclass. Debbie also set up and runs The Creative Fringe, Western Sydney’s most inspiring co-working space.

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