Module 2 – How to find your brand personality

This is my most favourite topic and one that I’m incredibly passionate about.


Well, I have been designing and developing brands for a few decades now, and since I implemented this system in my branding studio, I have seen the effectiveness of the brands skyrocket! I have used this system on both of my businesses as well as my clients, and the connection, repeat clients and raving fans that we have, is stronger than ever. So I know it works.

Now I want to share with you how you can also start to build a brand with personality. It takes a bit of brain power to get your head around the concept, but once you do, you will realise how amazing it is.

What you will cover in this course:

  • What is a Brand Personality?
  • Why is it important to build a brand with personality
  • Detailed information on each personality
  • Which personality is right for my brand?
  • The WHY and HOW – not the WHAT
  • Examples of brands with personality
  • Discover your brand personality – get FREE access to Brand Personalities

Key outcomes

  • Understanding the power of brand personalities
  • Discovering what your brand personality is by getting FREE access to Brand Personalities
  • Learn how to implement your brand personality

This may be one of those courses that you might have to go through a few times before you ‘get it’, so make the most of your 14 days access!

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